Thank You!

Thank you for being patient. Thank you for keeping the faith. Thank you for believing in us and being here, now, to join in the celebration!

There is so much to say now that the end of our long journey (and calendar year 2017!) is nigh, but nothing so important as a resounding “Thank You!” to all of you, our loyal friends and followers.

Thank you for being patient.  Thank you for keeping the faith.  Thank you for believing in us and being here, now, to join in the celebration that should–and will–continue for as long as we all share this love of craft we have found in quilt design.

Going forward we’ll be much more tuned in to keeping you abreast of all we do, through this blog and via our almost-ready website.  We want you to think of A Different Box of Crayons as your conceptual touchstone, and the Red House as your physical center for design innovation, as we take Eclectics to the limits, and then some.

ADBOC at Night

There is a great deal to do in the waning weeks of this year, with the holiday season already in full gallop, but be assured even more awaits as we greet all that is new in 2018.  Here’s looking forward to creating, together, now that we have a tangible home for all this wonder.  What a home it is, too!  If you haven’t already, please make it a point to come in and join us, whenever you can.  There will always be something new brewing.


[Here’s a fun link to an article recently published as we opened our doors]:

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