My name is Lynn Schmitt, and I’m a designer, above everything else.  I’ve been in design of one stripe or another for – well, maybe I won’t even say – but for the last ten or so years I’ve concentrated as a designer of quilts.  As an outgrowth of my devotion to this medium I formed  A Different Box of Crayons, the company that grew out of this passion of mine for fabric and color.

I think most designers will readily agree that design is just an elevated word for problem-solving, and in a visual context it’s the art and science of solving “problems” of color and composition, space and light, and texture.  Let us not forget about texture.

Anyway, back in a previous life I broke into the design world as an interiors person, specifically dealing with space planning and interior design of the high-end, commercial variety.  I did that for a long time until life showed me a left-turn and said, “Hey, Lynn.  Let’s go this way for awhile.”  Well, as I am wont to do, I listened to the voice and started up with quilt design.  As you can see by looking around here, I’m still at it, and loving it just as much as the day I took that curve.

So, once again, welcome to my world.  This is pure design and thus, pure delight that I hope you’ll share with me.  We’ll continue to solve visual problems in a fabric medium, and I will help you use the same tools I learned to use myself when I began in commercial interiors.   The sensitivities are the same, as is the devotion to creative ethic.

We’ll just be using a different box of crayons.

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