If you’ve made it here, you’re either already a friend of A Different Box of Crayons, or a committed and persistent web-surfer who has arrived here quite randomly.  In either case, welcome!  We’re glad you’re here and hope you’ll come back often to check up on what’s happening in our world, a world of unlimited possibilities in color and texture, fabric and technique.

This blog is intended to be a haven for the exchange of ideas and good conversation concerning the thing we all hold most dear: quilting and creating.  That’s not to say we might not stray off from time to time, into other things of interest (no politics, please!), but whatever.  We’ll approach blogging as we do quilting—open to everything that makes life richer through creativity.

Walk with us as we traverse this previously untrodden ground–opening a brand new shop and expanding our business reach–all the while pushing the design boundaries just a little further each time out.  As we like to think, after a time you may just find that you, too, had the power all along.

So hold on tight, off we go . . .

11 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Congratulations on your new blog. I can’t wait for the new shop to open, begin another BOM with you and continue with learning my strengths AND weaknesses in my sewing abilities..


  2. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of Lynn’s journey! Extremely excited as the studio begins to take shape. Have missed seeing all of the friendly faces from the old location, anxious for all of this to be done and back to a studio for welcoming everyone back, new faces, new projects!

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  3. Congratulations on your new beginnings! You are a breath of fresh air swirling around and bringing us all inspiration to live out our dreams!


  4. I stumbled across this new shop in the neighborhood while walking to the doctor’s office today. What a delight to see the beautifully intricate quilts with textural intrest that I have never seen before!


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