The journey begins . . .

Well, here we are, immersed in total chaos for the past, oh, six months or so, ever since we found out our lease in Wheaton would be terminated and we’d be forced to scramble for storage and work space until our “new” shop and studio can be built.

By way of background, we had been planning for some time to move into our own premises and stop paying rent, so we acquired what we lovingly (at least most of the time) call the “Red House” back in February of 2016, with an eye toward renovating at our leisure and moving in by fall/winter of that year.  Of course, nothing went as planned, from the time in October when we had to vacate Wesley Street and store our inventory in various locations throughout DuPage County, to now when, after months and months of design, negotiations and municipal hearings we can truly begin construction.

At this point we’re hoping to be complete in time for a seriously awesome gala grand opening on or about the Fourth of July.  We hope you’ll keep tabs on our progress both here and on our Facebook page (, as well as visit our new website, also under construction as we speak.

In the meantime, block out that July 4th week to join us.  We’ll be more than ready to party.


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